Hello, long time no see!

Well, that’s because (and this time it is really true haha) I am suuuuper busy with meeting all the deadlines for university. First of all, I did not expect it to be THIS stressful and second of all, one group project needed a little more attention than others (Nicola, here’s a little thank you shout-out haha), because everything that could go wrong, which usually never goes wrong, eventually went wrong. hahaha (I could still cry/laugh about this. haha)

However, as you might have seen on my Facebook page, I visited the Oceanarium of Lisbon, and moreover I have been to Sintra again. Yes, this is the second time and there will surely be a third time, because even though, Sintra is a very small city, it offers a lot and, in case you are not hyper-motivated you will need more than one day to see everything.

Anyway, I promise, I will upload some photos soon and believe me, Sintra’s palaces are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, so stay tuned,



p.s. My mysterious visitor.

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