Weird things in Lisbon – part 2

Of course, I have already collected a few more weird facts about Lisbon. The more weird things I am faced with here, the more I like this city. 😀

  • bags for your umbrella: When you enter some shops, you will find long, slim plastic bags next to the entrance. When taking a closer look, the instructions tell you that you can use this to put your wet umbrella in there. First thing that came to my mind: Heyyy this is very thoughtful, in Austria they don’t provide you with this. Second thought: What a freaking waste of plastic. I usually take my own plastic bag or if I forget it once, I will just shake off most of the water before entering the shop and then walk around carefully so that my umbrella does not touch anything.
  • cashiers packing your bags: Another reason, why everything is much slower here. When you buy a shopping bag at the grocery stores, some cashiers help you pack the things you bought. That’s weird, but I like it. 😀 (Although I almost always bring my own bags. But again: Waste of plastic. haha)
  • flea market: There is this street not far from my home with heavy traffic, which was once closed for a flea market. When I go running, I usually pass this road and one day (I think it was during the weekend) the whole road – even the sidewalk – was blocked. So you can imagine how awkward it was when I had to run between those tables and all the people selling/buying things. Eventually, when I reached the bridge that I usually cross I was able to see how big this flea market actually was. (Technically I wasn’t, because I couldn’t even see where it ends, even though I had a nice view from the bridge.)
  • insanely huge offers: In the supermarket you would get for example “18+6” packages of tissues or “38+10” rolls of toilet paper. haha I mean, here it might make sense, because that’s something you will always need, but when it comes to candy it’s insane. I never did it here, but I remember once buying 8+2 gummi bear packages when I was in the United States. But that’s ‘merica and I am in Europe here, wtf? haha
  • planes EVERYWHERE: (At the time I am writing this, it has already happened a few times. haha) So Lisbon’s airport seems to be very close to the city center. hmm Why would I think that? Because you can literally see/hear every single plane that is landing here. And it’s not just a cute little white plan far away in the blue sky. Let me explain it like this: I can tell which company operates this plane by just reading the freaking name of it on the outside. (And I certainly do not have perfect eyes, since I need glasses when I am attending my universtiy courses.) So imagine this: You sit in class, listening to the teacher and every 5-10minutes a plane passes by, producing so much noise that your only chance understanding what the teacher says is, by being an expert in lip reading. I am not joking, this is so weird. haha
  • Harry Potter: No, I am being serious, the school uniforms from Harry Potter were apparently inspired by the uniforms in Portugal. (Not the other way round) J.K. Rowling used to live in Porto. Sometimes I feel like I am in Hogwarts when there is a group of students walking around with their uniforms. Awesome 😀


p.s. It may not look very close on the picture. Trust me, IT IS close!

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