First blog post

Hello world!

You are here to witness my very first blog post! Some of you (well,.. those of you who know me in person) might wonder where my promised vlogs are, but I have decided to kick off my “internet career” by writing blogs. (Still trying to figure out how to Internet properly.) I am now spending my exchange semester is Lisbon, Portugal until the beginning of the year 2017, so this will hopefully bring along some exciting stories that I want to share with my audience.

Firstly, all you need to know about me and my blogs is that I am an open-minded person who is welcoming everyone and everything with and optimistic attitude. So far, my plans for my posts are to give everyone (who is willing to) the opportunity to take part in my daily adventures, even so they sometimes might not seem like the most exciting life. (Sorry, I don’t own a private jet yet.) So, if even there is only a single person out there who is entertained by what I say (or write), I will gladly go on with what I am doing. (Right now, I have no idea what I am doing.)

Let’s remember this moment as something undefinable and be curious about how it will develop in the near future. (Again, I don’t know what this will turn out to be. 😄)



p.s. Yes, this is a picture of me in Lisbon. Sorry photography “experts”, I am still learning and I own my camera for about a month now.


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